Cofinax is an independent and modern multi family office working with entrepreneurial families.

Legal & Fiscal Advisory: We have a lot of experience in selecting lawyers in different jurisdictions, achieving efficiency and convenience for clients who are then served by a single point of contact. We always seek the most robust solutions available, and are able to handle complex multi-dimensional issues.

Inheritance: Supporting client families in succession planning, generational wealth transfer and preservation.

Real Estate: Negotiating lines of credit and asset-backed debt, implementation of residential We have the necessary skills to devise the ideal financial structure and supervise the legal and fiscal aspects of each transaction.

Medical: Medicine is both a science and an art. Very often it is about having access to vetted and recognized field leader specialists. The ability to get high-quality second opinions for verification or for a different perspective is very important.

Art: We work with an international team of professionals, designed to provide expert and comprehensive advice on the acquisition/sale of artworks, analysis of the market/buying opportunities and artwork management.

Leisure: Cars, watches and wine. Freeing the family to pursue other interests.

Corporate: Thanks to our high-profile financial network we are the ideal support for small to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies. We advise clients in structuring financings, mergers and acquisitions, trade finance, listings, valuations, family mediation and other corporate finance matters, where appropriate in conjunction to other professionals or financial institutions.

Insurance: Part of a wider risk management strategy, covering the whole spectrum of family circumstances. We can source the most appropriate cover for our clients.

Ship and Aviation Finance: We provide a number of executive aircraft and yacht management services, ranging from purchasing and financing to financial control/reporting.

Philanthropy & Sustainable Investing: We can assist you if you want to devote some of your time and money to charitable causes while investing the rest of your portfolio responsibly and sustainably.

International Relocation: We support the client through each phase of an international relocation, from evaluating different tax regimes and implementing regulations to more logistical matters concerning the choice of a location.

Concierge services: Hassle-Free Service, taking care to all your needs, we make sure you are free to enjoy your wealth.