Cofinax is an independent and modern multi family office working with entrepreneurial families.

Louis Pascual – Founder

Born in Geneva (Switzerland), is an entrepreneur, consultant and member of the board of various companies with an extensive experience in information technology and finance.

He advise worldwide entrepreneurs with the creation and management of Companies, company administration, tax planning and financial advisory mainly in industries: technology, financial services, real estate, commodities, entertainment, cleantech, human resources, travel …

Silvia Abrisqueta Ruiz-Berdejo – Senior Partner

Born in Madrid (Spain), she has over 18 years experience as private equity advisor and highly skilled consultant for globally clients , including individuals, who do cross-border transactions,  family members that reside in more than one country and those that usually have a complex wealth situation.

Focus on advising a multi-generational business family, with a strong focus on structuring, negotiating, coordinating and managing family business and private affairs. 

Our team is comprised of genuinely experienced professionals, averaging over 18 years of experience specializing in legal and financial  with extensive knowledge in tax planning, real estate investment, investment banking, accounting, corporate law and equity investing.